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We Are The Top Renewable Energy Solutions

Griin is a Solar Distribution Company with the sole purpose of supplying solar power to every residental, commercial or utility facility at an affordable price. Our clients describe us as sole household, commercial, and industrial solar providers. We serve to solidify the use of Solar Power within the African region. Our mission is to maximize the reach of solar power and normalize light in every African household at an affordable price.


Mission of Griin-E

Our Mission is to deliver nothing but quality to our clients. We believe in serving quality, whilst still managing to beat the current market prices and making our products as affordable as possible.


Vision of Griin-E

Our long-term goal is to ensure that every African household is powered with electricity at such a price that every individual can afford. We serve to create a brighter future for generations and generations to come.

why choose us

We Are The Pioneers of Quality

Why settle for good prices only when there is a lot more to gain from Griin. We have worked over the years to ensure that all our consumers are satisfied not only before but even after purchase.

Cient Portal
Griin-E has now introduced a new way to allow Resellers and installers, into the loop. This Portal is specifically designed to give you better price deals and managed shipments at your convinience.
At Griin-E, we strongly believe in after purchase service, and that is why we have a technical team that is always ready to take you through the steps of how to install the products you have purchased, or any othe enquiry you might have, we are here for you every step of the way.
Customer Service
Our Customer Service team is always available to talk and help you with any enquiry you might have. You are only just one call away from quality service.
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